The Theosophical Fellowship

A Universal Sister and Brotherhood
For the student of esoterica, a universal brother-sisterhood is materializing on the physical plane. It consists of many people worldwide who feel that they belong to the Maitreya Sangha. They look towards the Lord Maitreya as the World Teacher, the Bodhisattva, the future Buddha Who is appearing now through human vehicles, individual or groups, and Who is Himself incarnating in 500 years to become the next Buddha of Earth.

The Lord Maitreya, Who wishes to teach directly some of those who He calls the Children of the Heart, has chosen to do this in The Theosophical Fellowship, of which He is the Inner Director, through the vehicle of Ananda Tara Shan, an avataric messenger who worked closely with the Lord Maitreya and the Avatar of Synthesis.

In 1977 the Hierarchy re-connected with Ananda, who had worked as one of its messengers in previous embodiments. Again the work continued, leading Ananda to emigrate from Denmark to Australia in 1982, for the Lord Maitreya wished to create in Australia the future Heartland for the Children of the Heart, who He calls upon to respond to Him at this time in Earth’s evolution.


The New Himalaya Retreat
The Lord Maitreya has chosen first to use the State of Victoria in which the little town of Daylesford is situated. In Daylesford lies the New Himalaya Retreat, so named by The Theosophical Fellowship to connect with the present abode of the Lord Maitreya in Shigatze in the Himalayas. Daylesford and Glenlyon, a small community outside of Daylesford, will now see different places being built to fit into Master’s Plan for some Children of the Heart to settle in that area, until the time is ready to relocate millions of them to the central area of Australia in 100-200 years.

In Daylesford, there now exist Heart Glade, the interim Headquarters and Lamasery where Ananda lived, for family members and visitors, and the Sanctuary of the Heart.

In Glenlyon, land has been bought which will eventually become a meditation retreat with a monastery ‘Tashi Lhunpo’ standing on it, when funds are found for this project. The monastery will be an abode for members both married and unmarried who choose to become monks. The land has been named 'Shigatze'.

Much work over many years has gone into structuring the Fellowship, trying to implement as much of the plan of the Lord Maitreya as He wishes to be executed regarding the universal brother-sisterhood, the Children of the Heart, and the Way of the Heart.


For those who wish to live by spiritual guidelines
The Theosophical Fellowship is a brother-sisterhood for those who wish to live by the spiritual guidelines for a Theosophical life and for those who wish to get to know the Lord Maitreya closely as the ever more manifesting Avatar of the Heart in this age we term the Age of Maitreya, where globally many people shall feel that they belong with the Lord Maitreya. Some call the brother-sisterhood the Maitreya Sangha, but most have no knowledge yet of the Lord Maitreya’s plan.

In The Theosophical Fellowship, its two churches are centres for healing and for training of disciples and disciples-to-be. The Church of the Sacred Heart of Maitreya, the Mother Church in Daylesford, is a shrine to the Lord Maitreya’s loving Presence as the global liberator, redeemer, and Wayshower of all human beings and angels.


To bring us to the Master within
The philosophy of the work is Maitreya Theosophy* – Divine Wisdom taught from the Heart of Lord Maitreya. The aim is to bring those who feel called to it into their own I Am Presence – the Master within. The goal is to bring those who feel called to it to ascension and knowledge of the Self. In order to liberate the human self with love and will, they will be supported in this endeavour by the Lord Maitreya, the Avatar of Will, and the three departments of Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity, with the Masters of Wisdom relating to these departments.

Theosophical literature, including Alice Bailey’s books as well as Ananda’s teaching coming directly via overshadowing, is used to instruct and impart the knowledge of Theosophy to the students who find their spiritual home in the Fellowship and to those people who just wish to absorb knowledge without further dedication to the brother-sisterhood.

[*For more information about Maitreya Theosophy, please click on this link to the website:]


A practical Theosophical path
The Fellowship makes all efforts to impart a liberating and caring view on the practical Theosophical path. It wishes to teach impartially with an understanding of the Seven Rays and how the Seven Rays create differences in soul and in personality, as well as with consideration of soul initiation and level of personality initiation in the mode of training the individual and the group.


Wisdom Schools
Five schools are offered, usually over a two year cycle:

Tuition in these schools, like all tuition offered by The Theosophical Fellowship in Daylesford and Melbourne, is given free of charge, with only a small administration fee requested, for the Lord Maitreya has specified this directly. The Fellowship exists via donations and some tithing.


The main festivals of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are all celebrated with bigger Services. The other small full moons are celebrated with meditations. As with all spiritual work, there are a number of yearly celebrations where members come together in a joyous spirit and where the consciousness lifts into the Heart of Lord Maitreya, Who embraces all His children with His most gentle beingness.


Beautiful music is constantly being composed. Songs are written and performed, giving a good indication of deep inspiration from the heart. Many of the members seem to acquire musical or writing skills, which results in lively and interesting activities.


Healing fellow beings and healing the Earth are top priority in The Theosophical Fellowship; and in all activities of the Fellowship, members as well as non-members can heal as they are invited to do so by the facilitator. Those who just want to relax and enjoy themselves in their own way can remain seated and work as they wish at any meeting.


Some keywords of the Fellowship are freedom due to limitlessness in feelings, thoughts, and actions in accordance with the Law; transmutation of karma; and unselfish service.


A teacher
In the Fellowship some of the members look upon Ananda as their teacher, while others bring in their own teacher, or they have both. All is good if the member strives towards his or her own perfection and is helped in some way by the teacher to reach that perfection.

Higher teachers are necessary, for they connect or bring their students to their souls. The loving relationship between a higher teacher and his or her disciples is very meaningful and can hardly be described with words, so beautiful and loving can it be. Unselfish love in manifestation, the love between souls with nothing personal standing in the way. Such love is rarely understood in its holiness, and not at all for those people who think of love according to their own level of feeling.

A teacher is a blessing in the life of a human being, and the relationship often lasts over many lives. The roles of the teacher are varied, depending upon the needs and the dharma of the individual.


The Lord Maitreya
Ananda Tara Shan writes about the Master:

Tomorrow is yet another day in Paradise. For that of working for Master is a Paradise. It is such a glorious experience that the heart is like a cup that constantly runneth over. Today is the day where I will learn to love more, to give more, to know more of myself. I live and breathe in His boundlessness, His compassion and His unlimited capacity to make you feel that unconditional loving that is His whole nature:

- gentle, with the highest will

- loving, with great firmness of character

- divine, with much humanity

- compassionate, with occasional severity

- softness, with a heart like a lion

- radiant, with humility

- strong, with great intent but with sometimes sadness
for His children's many transgressions.

When He approaches, the hard core around your heart melts, and you kneel down in willing subjugation of your personal will, for in His Will lives the true reality, and all glamour and illusion die away, replaced by true knowing.

He is adored. He is the Teacher of all humanity and all angels.

I so hope that He will be known as what He is: beautiful, pure, warm and wise, and with many such indescribable virtues and qualities that could fill whole pages with praises of Him, for He is truly God's Great Son, an expression of Solar Logos in a super-human form, for that He is – both form and utterly formless, with an appearance of a human being and with an appearance of a sun that shines with a thousand rays. I wish I could describe Him to you as I feel Him and see Him in my heart. But words desert me when I wish to express Him clothed therein.

Suffice to say that He is My Lord Maitreya. Yours and mine – the Christ – and His Love for me and you has no beginning nor end.

Like a timeless ocean whose waves roll onto the brightest shore, His voice sweeter than the purest flute, your heart fills up with music more uplifting than the most divine symphonies and you are born again and again in the nectar of His Presence.

He is That – the Light that shineth in the darkness.

He is That.


A global home
The Fellowship regards the universal brother-sisterhood as a global home for like-minded people. In this brother-sisterhood, those who look towards the Lord Maitreya and His Masters find a home which warms the heart, stimulates the mind, and makes life worth living.